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Alarm Systems

Residential Alarm Systems

Omiga Security Systems are able to offer a comprehensive range of security alarms to protect any type of domestic property.

Depending on the nature of your property, we have available Wired, Wireless or Hybrid solutions (combining both technologies), meaning that we are able to fully meet your needs and requirements.

Our range of security alarms that we offer include ‘Bells Only’ systems, systems that can inform you of activations via on board text/speech diallers , through to 24hr fully monitored and Redcare / Dualcom GPRS systems. All our systems that require a connection to a BT phone line are fitted with an ADSL filter. Our bespoke service ensures that your security system will be individually tailored and designed by our trained security advisors, to meet your requirements.

  • All our installations comply with European Standards BS EN 50131/PD6662 for Intruder Alarm Installations.
  • We offer a free no obligation on site survey. A 12 month warranty is provided on all new parts and labour.

Commercial Alarm Systems

Omiga Security Systems understands that each business, its premises and its operations are unique. Our trained advisors can provide a full site specific survey and risk assessment to ensure the correct type of security system is installed. We are happy to liaise with your insurer to discuss system design proposals and grading of systems.

Depending on the system type proposed and accepted, communication of alarm events can be done via on board text/speech dialers to key holders or to an Alarm Receiving Centre via an on board digital communicator or using dual path signalling equipment i.e. Redcare. All our alarm systems are fitted with ADSL filters.

  • We offer a Guaranteed 4 hour engineer call out service so you know your property is safe when you lock up.
  • All our installations comply with European Standards BS EN 50131/PD6662 for Intruder Alarm Installations.
  • A 12 month warranty is provided on all new parts and labour.

Property Developers

Omiga Security Systems specialises in providing security to the construction industry installing Security systems into new build properties.
Having worked in this industry sector for many years, we fully understand and acknowledge that a flexible approach to the site build program is required and can adapt to its forever changing needs.

We are able and happy to liaise with buyers and surveyors from the first drawing stages, providing advice on system design and recommend specifications if required, all the while keeping within specific budget requirements.

  • Our fully trained engineers are able to carry out 1st and 2nd fix of the systems.
  • We are able to provide a handover of the system to the end user so that they are fully conversant with all the equipment installed.
  • The end user will also be provided with all necessary paper work and approval certificates at the end of the job.
  • You can rest assured with Omiga Security Systems on board, this area of your development will run smoothly and be hassle free.
  • All our installations comply with European Standards BS EN 50131/PD6662 for Intruder Alarm Installations.
  • A 12 month warranty is provided on all new parts and labour.

Property developers that Omiga Security Systems have successfully worked with past and present are:-
Sunley Homes, Bryant Homes, Denne, Wilson Connolly Homes, Copthorne Homes, Taylor Wimpy, Hurst Building Services, Murston Construction, Asprey Homes and other small independent property developers.

Alarm Monitoring

Depending on the alarm panel installed and the level of security required, alarms can be monitored by various means from Stand alone on board text/speech diallers through to 24hr permanently manned Alarm Receiving Centre’s.

Omiga Security Systems chosen Alarm Receiving Centre, or more commonly known as an ARC, is Southern Monitoring Services Ltd, With Omiga Security Systems your alarm can been monitored 24hrs a day 365 days a year and including maintence costs, can be as little as 45p per day (POA).

Provided you have a telephone line installed and/or an acceptable mobile network signal we are able to monitor your alarm system. All our systems connected to a BT telephone line are fitted with a hard wired ADSL filter so will not affect your Broadband connection. If no telephone line is installed, various types of stand alone GSM Diallers are available that are compatible with our alarm systems.

Non Policed systems

With the use of an on-board or stand alone text/speech diallers, text messages or voice calls can be generated to authorised key holders via telephone line or GSM Units.

Policed systems *

Digital communicator - in the event of an activation, all alarm signals will be sent to the ARC. They will then inform your authorised key holders of the activation and if necessary the Police. When smoke or heat detectors are fitted, in the event of activation the ARC are able to call the fire brigade if required.

Redcare – The three main Redcare Systems we supply are as follows: -

DualCom GPRS

* All Policed Systems conform to DD 243:2004

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