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Entry Systems and Access Control

Audio and Video Entry Systems

Omiga Security Systems are able to supply and install a range of audio and video entry systems. An entry system allows you to control access to your premises via a remote handset within a secured area

Whether you require a single door entry system in your home or a complex multi door system in a domestic or commercial environment, Omiga Security Systems are able to provide a system that best suits your requirements.

If cabling is a restriction in the application, Omiga Security Systems can supply the Telguard entry system that uses the latest technology utilising the landline and /or mobile telephone network.

There are two types of entry system that Omiga Security Systems can supply:-

Audio Systems - These allow you to speak to callers before you let them in. You can then open the door yourself, or release the entry door via a button on a hand set which will in turn release an electronic mechanism, i.e. lock, magnet or gate automation unit.

Video Systems - These systems combine the same features as audio systems, however they also have a LCD caller display so you can see who you are allowing into your property increasing your security.

Omiga Security Systems has successfully installed Door Entry systems into Domestic properties, Apartment blocks and Commercial buildings.

Access Control

Access Control enables you to restrict or allow who has access to your premise or building. An Access Control unit is located outside of the restricted area near to the access point and is operated via a numerical keypad, card / fob reader or using the latest biometric finger print technology.

At Omiga Security Systems we are able offer a simple ‘stand alone‘ single door access system, ranging to a fully integrated networked system that controls many areas which require personnel restriction. We pride ourselves in using the latest technology and now can provide an Access Control Solution that is integrated into one of our intruder alarm panels, packaging the system as one, so cutting outlay costs to the end user.

Access Control is generally seen as the second layer in security over the simple ‘Lock and Key‘ method and can enable the security of a property to be controlled by one central system. If code numbers are forgotten, fobs/cards lost or stolen or a staff member leaves, they can be easily deleted and replaced with new.

As an employer, apart from the obvious security benefits protecting your staff and property, Access Control is also far more superior over the simple ‘Lock and Key‘ method as it can provide a fully recorded audit trail. This can enable you to monitor who is entering a protected or restricted area at any given time. On certain systems, if required, staff attendance levels and time keeping records can easily be viewed on software provided.

Omiga Security Systems has successfully installed Access Control Systems into Domestic properties, Apartment Blocks, Residential Care Homes and Commercial buildings.

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